AT LAST: Mind and Memory Support That Really Works!

This unique herb was used as a “mental stimulant” in India for 6,000 years — likely even by Buddha himself!

Today, it helps explain why (according to the World Health Organization) memory loss and mental decline are 600% lower in India than in America!

And now it’s part of a revolutionary mind and memory-boosting formula that is changing the lives of thousands!

David Blyweiss, M.D., pioneer in natural medicine

Dear Friend,

As a doctor, I don’t often say this, but I’m saying it now: THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

You’re about to discover a revolutionary approach that is helping thousands to just say NO to memory loss and the slow mental decline that too often comes with aging.

More importantly, it will help you say a resounding YES to staying mentally sharp for decades to come… holding on to short and long-term memories… keeping your focus and concentration… and more!

Yes, this breakthrough has an impressive, 6,000-year-old pedigree.

But I’m even more impressed by the reams of scientific research behind it… and by what it’s doing for thousands of people today.

For example, Mary said:

“In just two weeks I was remembering childhood friends… family vacations… dancing with my prom date… ” 

And Stan commented:

 “I feel much more alert during the day… even the small things don’t phase me now!” 

What does this mean for you? It means…

Now you can choose the future you want!

Lost in the Fog?

Live Wire?

Maybe you’ve already experienced some of the precursors of that long slow slide into mental oblivion. You know how it is…

You have trouble concentrating, following a conversation or following the plot in a movie.

You walk into a room to get something, and can’t remember what it was.

You stand in a parking lot trying to remember where you parked the car.

Embarrassingly, you meet a friend and blank on their name!

A minor annoyance? Yes. But it’s happening to more and more of us.

Experts warn of an epidemic
of memory loss and mental decline

Duke University Medical Center reported that 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 67 have memory loss that is “significantly disrupting” their lives.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) which warns us of health epidemics reported that memory loss and confusion is affecting baby boomers at an “epic rate.”

And the New York Times reports: “Alarmingly, mild cognitive impairment, or M.C.I., can signal serious problems ahead. About half of people with this condition go on to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia within five years.

New York Times, September 10, 2012

 As a doctor I’ve seen where this can lead. And believe me, YOU DO NOT WANT TO FALL INTO THAT BLACK HOLE!

And now you don’t have to!

Because now, this amazing breakthrough—completely different from anything else on the market—is proven to help you…

  • EVAPORATE brain fog!
  • AWAKEN short and long term memory!
  • SHARPEN focus and concentration!
  • BOOST mood and alertness!
  • PROTECT your independence

And it all starts with…

A 6,000-year-old secret that helped
banish memory loss and
cognitive decline in India

The story behind this discovery is one of the most astonishing sagas in the history of mind and memory boosters.

For thousands of years, India has been widely known for its amazing mental powers. It was the home of wise, enlightened sages like Buddha.

And Buddhist monks in India were celebrated for their legendary feats of memory. It wasn’t uncommon for them to recite, word for word, sacred books like the Mahabharata that run to thousands of pages.

Remarkably, this mental capacity of people living in India has continued into modern times…

  • The World Health Organization reports that older Indians today are actually 600% LESS LIKELY to develop severe cognitive problems than Americans over 65.

Yes, you read that right: 600% less likely to see their mind and
memory fade as they get older!

  • This explains why, in many places in India, age-related dementia appears to be VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT! (It afflicts less than 1% of the population over 65.)

Quite simply, researchers were shocked by these findings. And they wanted to know… WHY?

Now they have found one of India’s
most cherished secrets.

It’s an herb called Bacopa monniera, and it’s been used for 6,000 years as a mental stimulant in India.

Bacopa is also known as “Brahmi” from the Sanskrit word “Brahmin” which refers to the class of wise teachers and priests in India.

(That’s probably where it got its name. Even then it had a reputation for making people wiser, smarter.)

For centuries, these wise teachers drank “Brahmi tea” every day, which may help explain how they were able to memorize those long Hindu epics.

In fact, Brahmi was very likely used by Buddha himself, and by other Buddhist monks.

And now we have modern scientific confirmation that Brahmi—now known as Bacopa monniera in the modern world—actually does make you smarter!

I don’t want to get too technical, but let me just cite a couple of important studies.

A 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of Australians aged 55 or older found that Bacopa monniera “significantly improved verbal learning as well as delayed recall as measured by the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test.”

And in another double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, human patients taking an extract of Bacopa monniera showed significantly improved performance on working memory and information processing tests.

Just imagine what this can mean to you in the coming years and decades.

…You wake up each morning with your mind fresh, alert, able to remember names and faces and things that happened long ago.

…You’re able to focus, concentrate on work or hobbies, even in the evening.

…You’re able to easily follow movie plots or conversations without getting “lost in the trees.”

…Friends and family are amazed at your recall, your clear thinking, your ability to listen, learn, stay engaged and make good decisions.

AT LAST: Mind and Memory Support
That Really Works!

In fact, it works wonders! And I’ll stake my reputation as a doctor on that!

I’m David Blyweiss, M.D.  I’m the senior medical advisor for UniScience Group®, and I’ve been a practicing physician for over 30 years.

But I started my career as a clinical pharmacist, formulating medicines and advising patients on the latest treatments and remedies.

I’ve seen and evaluated HUNDREDS of memory enhancement products and had thousands of conversations with patients.

I was so astounded by what I learned about Bacopa Monniera that I wanted to share it with my patients and others here in the U.S.

Working with a team of researchers, we put together a GROUNDBREAKING FORMULA with Bacopa Monniera as the lead nutrient.

We call it MEM‑Plex™—and the results we’ve already seen have surprised even me!

MEM‑Plex™ has worked wonders for these people and it will work wonders for you!

“I am 70 years old and still work as a consultant in organizational development. Recalling names in my seminars was becoming a challenge. Since I started using MEM‑Plex™ I find it very easy to remember names during my seminars. I feel more alert and my reasoning ability more sharp. I am also more proactive and able to better schedule my priorities.” 

—Tomas M., Oviedo, FL

“MEM‑Plex™ has helped me to recall events from the past that I had forgotten. My mental clarity is increasing every day… I can remember words much better.”

—Mary M., Tonopah, AZ

“My overall mood definitely improved with MEM‑Plex™. I feel more comfort remembering names and where I last laid my tools when working on something. Good product, no side effects. My wife likes it too.”

—Michael S., Prairie du Chien, WI

“MEM‑Plex™ has definitely improved my cognitive ability in two months. I am experiencing better recall. I feel more positive. I have recommended it to some of my patients.”

—Dr. Elliot D., Bridgetown St. George, Barbados

Your mind and memory will come alive

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But as impressive as Bacopa Monniera is, we didn’t stop there. We wanted to create the most powerful natural memory booster in the world.

 So we began adding other super-nutrients that have also proven their ability to improve and enhance your mind and memory.

And the first one we added is so impressive that it has actually received a U.S. PATENT.

Astonishing U.S. Patented Nutrient
works like a “fuel pump”
to fuel and energize your brain!

In fact, this unique nutrient is so effective that it’s widely prescribed in Europe to treat brain injuries.

To understand why this nutrient has received a U.S. Patent, think about this:

Your brain is like your car.

You could have the most expensive, sophisticated car in the world. But if the fuel pump is busted and can’t pump fuel into the engine—you’re not going anywhere!

Likewise, your brain MUST HAVE a constant supply of fuel or energy if it is to function and send messages that help you think, focus, concentrate and remember.

But as you get older, your brain metabolism SLOWS DOWN—so the energy your brain desperately needs can’t get pumped out to all your brain cells.

Your brain runs low on fuel… and it begins to sputter!

You may have already experienced some of this “brain sputter” if you have ever…

  • read the same sentence over and over
  • realized you’re having more “senior moments”
  • felt in a mental fog
  • zoned out

To be sure, these seem like minor problems. But if this “low brain fuel” situation is not treated, it can lead to age-related cognitive decline… or worse!

Fortunately, researchers have found an answer. It is CDP-choline, and it is one of the most promising brain boosters being studied today.

CDP-Choline functions like a fuel pump to help make sure the much-needed energy gets pumped to all your brain cells every day—so you can stay alert, focused, and sharp at any age!

It’s like pushing the “refuel” button
in every cell of your brain every day

That’s why it has received a U.S. patent.

It’s also why we’ve made Cognizin® (the patented form of CDP-Choline)the second star ingredient of MEM‑Plex™!

Cognizin®/CDP-Choline actually refuels your mitochondria, those tiny “power plants” inside each of your brain’s cells—to keep your brain energized, alert, sharp.

And there are many studies that support this. I’ll mention just two.
The journal Psychiatric Times stated that CDP-choline “improves overall energy metabolism in the brain, increases brain levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, and enhances short-term memory in patients with [cognitive dysfunction].”

And a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial published in the Archives of Neurology found that CDP-choline “improved verbal memory functioning in older individuals with relatively inefficient memories.”

Remember: Cognizin®/CDP-Choline is one of the few brain boosters that has actually been awarded a U.S. patent.

And yet, oddly enough, it’s hard to find products with Cognizin® (My view is that it’s ahead of its time.)

I’ve included it in MEM‑Plex™, for its proven ability to help…

Your mind and memory will come alive

Try it with ZERO RISK for 90 DAYS
and get up to 4 FREE GIFTS!

  • Sharpen your thinking and alertness
  • Boost short and long-term memory
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Protect your mind, memory and independence

If MEM‑Plex™ only contained Cognizin® plus Bacopa Monniera,
that alone would make it the most powerful, game-changing mind and memory booster on the planet.

But we didn’t stop there! Next we added…

A natural memory-booster that
actually increased IQ scores for
children with learning problems!

I’m not surprised when patients tell me they find it hard to focus and concentrate today. We live in a hyperactive, multi-tasking, ADHD world, with a thousand things competing for our attention. 

(No wonder our children are having learning and attention deficit problems in record numbers!)

 But now the efforts to help kids with attention issues has brought us still another memory-boosting breakthrough.

Let me tell you about one study that had jaws dropping in amazement.

After some children with learning problems were given this safe, natural supplement, they showed dramatically increased attention span, academic improvement and, in some cases, EVEN INCREASED IQ SCORES!

The natural supplement they took was DMAE (short for Di-methyl-amino-ethanol). DMAE has been used as a natural substitute for the drug Ritalin for treating children with attention deficit problems.

And now, research has shown that this same DMAE can improve your concentration, banish morning fogginess, and sharpen awareness—safely and without any jitteriness or side effects.

This is important, because the levels of DMAE in our bodies decline as we age.

Of course, you can get DMAE in many types of fish (which is why we call it “brain food”) but you’d have to eat a LOT of fish EVERY DAY!

Now you can get all the DMAE you need to keep your mind calm and concentrated by simply taking MEM‑Plex™ every day.

But there’s more!

Just a whiff of this improved memory by up to 75%!

I’m talking about Rosemary, the fourth super-nutrient in MEM‑Plex™.

Apparently, Rosemary has such a profound effect on memory that even just the aroma of it can improve memory by 75%!

Hard to believe, right? That’s what I thought.

But that was the stunning conclusion from a study presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference.

Researchers had 66 adults enter one of two rooms—a room with no scent, and a room with a rosemary scent. The participants were then tested on their memory functions.

The subjects in the rosemary-scented room performed better on the memory tasks than those in the room with no scent—up to 75% better!

Researcher Jemma McCready said, “For example, one group would remember to do seven things compared with four tasks completed by those who did not smell the [rosemary] oil, and they were quicker.”

This supports other research showing that rosemary is, indeed, a memory booster. So we’ve included 30 mg of it in MEM‑Plex™.

Your mind and memory will come alive

Try it with ZERO RISK for 90 DAYS
and get up to 4 FREE GIFTS!


But there’s even more!

When UniScience Group® asked me to help them develop a new cutting-edge mind and memory formula, I told them,

“I want to make sure this formula has ALL the best stuff in it, ALL the most proven, the most well-researched and the most effective brain nutrients on the market today.”

I was very gratified that they agreed with me.

So we also added an all-star cast of NINE MORE supporting super nutrients, each proven to powerfully help sustain and maintain brain health—a total of 13 of the most proven most powerful brain nutrients by science today.

Try it with ZERO RISK for 90 DAYS
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Now that you’ve heard the research and the real life stories, I just want to ask you one life-changing question:

What will you do when your
mind and memory come alive?

Here’s the answer: You’ll be able to do just about…

Anything you want!

As thousands have already learned, the amazing, life-changing benefits of MEM‑Plex™ are often noticeable within days…

  • You recall words, facts, and names quickly and easily…
  • A feeling of alertness and energy surrounds you…
  • Friends and loved ones notice a new vitality in your conversation…
  • You impress co-workers with your quick thinking!
  • You’re able to concentrate for longer periods without feeling tired…
  • You enjoy movies more when you can follow the plot…
  • You share treasured family memories with children and grandchildren…
  • You’re more alert driving or operating machinery…
  • You notice a greater feeling of confidence in social situations…
  • You feel a greater sense of well-being…
  • You’re less fearful about the future

By now, I think you can see why I’m not exaggerating at all when I say…

MEM‑Plex™ boosts your mind and memory like nothing else on the market!

In fact, as I said before, I’ll stake my over 30-years reputation as a doctor on it. And here’s why.

MEM‑Plex™ doesn’t just put a temporary Band-Aid on your memory loss problems—it gets to the root cause of the problem, the loss of energy in your brain.

As I’ve mentioned, Bacopa Monniera gives you the same mind booster that has helped make memory loss and mental decline ALMOST DISAPPEAR in India.

And the U.S. patented nutrient Cognizin® (CDP-Choline) functions like a fuel pump, to help pump energy into all your brain cells every day.

You also get DMAE which has been proven to help even children with attention and learning issues.

But MEM‑Plex™ also gives you 10 more of the most powerful, most effective, most proven brain nutrients in nature—all in one pill.

You’ve read the stories of people whose lives were changed by MEM‑Plex™…

But now you can prove it to yourself,

In just days, you’ll feel more alert, sharper. You’ll find yourself remembering facts, figures, names, faces, and even things that happened long ago.

But we want you to be ABSOLUTELY SURE you’re satisfied. So take a full 90 days to try MEM‑Plex™ .

If for any reason you’re not thrilled with the boost you get to your memory, thinking and concentration, just return any unused portion (even if it’s an empty bottle) and we’ll be happy to refund ALL of your purchase price (minus shipping and handling, if applicable.)

You have nothing to lose and a sharper mind and memory to gain.

That’s why I urge you to act now.

Do it to enrich all the “todays” of your life. And do it to protect your independence for all your tomorrows.

Yours for a healthy mind and memory,

David Blyweiss, M.D.

P.S. We have up to four free gifts for you, our way of saying thanks for trying MEM‑Plex™. Read on for a description of these important free guides. They are yours to keep, no matter what you decide!

P.P.S. Remember, you’re not buying now, you’re just “test driving” MEM‑Plex™. You have a full 90 days to try it out and experience for yourself the mind and memory boosting benefits. If you don’t—no problem. Just send the product back and we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.


Your purchase is completely protected by…

The MEM‑Plex™ Rock Solid,
No Hassle, No Questions Asked,

Our guarantee is simple: You can try MEM‑Plex™ out for a full 90 Days with ZERO RISK.

If for any reason you’re not completely delighted with the results you get, simply return the unused portion (even if it’s an empty bottle!) within 90 DAYS of the purchase date and we’ll send back 100% of your product cost (not including shipping, if applicable). Period!

You have nothing to lose. You have a brighter, sharper, more alert mind and memory to gain. And you have 90 DAYS to decide!

Plus you get to keep all your Free Gifts no matter what you decide! It’s our way of saying thanks for trying MEM‑Plex™.

David Blyweiss, M.D., Senior Medical Advisor

UniScience Group


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The MEM‑Plex™ Revolution
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Too many people believe that memory loss is normal and inevitable as we age. The truth is, there are many things you can do to protect your memory and mental function well into your 70s, 80s, and beyond.

The MEM‑Plex Revolution dives into the latest science behind this incredible life-changing discovery. You’ll learn about the underlying causes of “brain fade” and how the powerful nutrients in each daily dose of MEM‑Plex™ go to work from day one:

  • Reversing the effects of aging
  • Protecting and energizing your delicate brain cells
  • Supporting memory, focus and concentration
  • Enhancing mood and boosting your outlook

Plus you’ll get dietary insights, lifestyle tips and brain exercises to help you keep a sharp mind and a keen focus—so you can continue living an independent lifestyle.

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